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Century 5-10-10-75™  A 100-Year Continuum  of  Faith , Preparedness Industry, and Opportunity

Time in Raleigh:

Join the Preparedness ADvertising Council (The PAC)

$10.00 / annual during our Inaugural Membership Drive is now in progress. Ends 11:59 p.m., 4/7/2024

$10/year Inaugural Membership to the Preparedness AD Council (ends 12:00 noon 4/8/2024)
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Use $PamPKelly 

or snail mail send to

Perennial Preparedness NC, PO Box 28775, Raleigh, NC 27611 (memo: Virtual Attendee). All proceeds are deposited to a business account with Mechanics & Farmers Bank. Thank you!! many!
  •    Lifetime $10/year annual renewal when you join before 11:59 p.m. 4/7/2024
vs. $60/year  or  $5/month after 4/8/2024
  • to our Members-Only Media Registry. We contract exclusively from the Registry, for talent at all experience levels, and media professionals, for our Preparedness Public Service Announcements.
  • to earn 17% Revenue Sharing on passive new member referrals. This is strictly passive. No sales requirement, ever!
  • Interact with other preparedness-focused, faith-friendly  PAC Members.
  • Submit Preparedness Public Service Conceptual Ideas.
  • BONUS!!! 
    • Join us virtually for "4:00 Minutes: Eclipse @ Niagara" Viewing, beginning at 3:00 - 3:45 pm. 
    • Join us virtually for the Commencement Ceremony of the  Preparedness Advertising Council on April 8th at 6:35pm EST

Community Partners. "Churn" your dollars with enterprises that prosper from YOUR preparedness empowerment. Visit our A-Z "Churn List"  Begin to create your own "Churn List"! 


Time in Raleigh:

The Preparedness ADvertising Council is the  new "PAC" in town,  peacefully aggressive grassroots mobilization towards a new preparedness-strong generation. We use imagery, audio, and messaging to promote financial, strategic, faith-inclusive preparedness.

"Prepare Our People!"

Here's our "why"...

It's time to kick this economic #SHTF to the curb. How would you like to do that? How would you like to see the "middle class" come back? End racism and economic bullying.  See equity of access to financial, strategic, faith-inclusive preparedness for ALL.  Don't you want to see that?

Join The PAC during our Inaugural Membership Drive now in progress.

$10/year. So grassroots, low cost of entry, accessible, as to be purely symbolic.

Join now and annual membership will be $10/year for your lifetime!  Now available until 4/7, or until we reach our 10K limit.

Together, we will change the Imagery, change the Narrative, change the Economic Future.

Together, we will build exciting & engaging messaging, audio, imagery, and sustainable income opportunity to "flip the script" of current economic pathologies and predictions, by 2043 A.D

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