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5-10-10-75™ is a faith-based application of traditional financial stewardship wisdom. 

Never spend 100% of your dollar or consume 100% of your resources!  If you do, no matter how much you earn, or how often you get paid, you'll always be broke! Even I learned this the hard way. You don't have to! 


5-10-10-75, when used by individuals, families, and the business community, has the potential to create a more collectively prepared, prosperous, and resilient populace,  a vastly more productive & innovative economy, and a more "socially just" society.  

Save, Give, Spend Wisely, Invest in "Kinship" Community, and you'll likely prosper...and sleep better at night! 

An inconvenient truth. America's current economy is "un-preparedness-driven." Our Federal Govt., the biggest over-spender in our economy, is in irrevocable debt. See debt clock. Certain Corporate sectors increasingly "profiteer" from the financial and strategic vulnerability of American citizens. 

Furthermore, financial, strategic, and emergency unpreparedness has become an acceptable risk on the part of so many Americans, even when such citizens are financially well prepared to be pro-active in their self-preparedness!  In addition, persistent economic disparities in America are a cause of chronic inability to overcome, revive , and thrive amidst life's daily challenges and unpredictable events.

Either scenario results in missed opportunities for recovery and revival from at-risk events and emergencies, resulting in a nation chronically at-risk and unprepared! 

"There can be no enduring social justice and access to economic opportunity for all  Americans, until a preparedness-driven economy is a part of it."

At Perennial Preparedness NC, our mission is to prepare and promote an alternative economic solution: a preparedness-driven economy, combined with Intentionality, Reciprocity, and the power of "Churn" in our "kinship" communities! That's how you build an America that provides equity of access to financial and strategic readiness for all. 

What are your "kinship" communities?  God, in His infinite wisdom, has placed each of us, by birth,  in membership to cultures, tribes, ethnicities, nations. In addition, we have other "kinships" of choice. By example, I am Christian, American of African Descent, a woman and mother, a proud American. These are my "kinship" communities which I support with dollars from my Charity & Community Investment "buckets".


Faith & Self-Preparedness, along with financial stewardship using 5-10-10-75™, can potentially bring out the best in all of us! 

Begin to create a preparedness-strong economy in your household, business, and community. That's how we build back better in America for our children and future generations! 

Download the CashFlow 5-10-10-75™ App to get started.  It's $1.99, one time only. No ads.

Although we created the app with 17 - 24 year olds in mind, as a first "financial primer" app, everyone can use this app!  It's a great "preparedness backup" to your primary banking app. 

CashFlow 5-10-10-75  for Android   

  CashFlow 5-10-10-75  for iPhone 

With purchase of the CashFlow 5-10-10-75app, you can request the FREE Excel Spreadsheet, (preferred by us "baby boomers). The spreadsheet includes BONUS CashFlow 5-10-10-75 for Business, along with a pricing tool to assure profitability of your product or service,  while empowering your kinship communities! 


CashFlow 5-10-10-75 Spheres Below,  show Personal and Business Application of 5-10-10-75

Perennial Preparedness NC Mission...

To build a preparedness-strong economy of limitless opportunity for patrons & subscribers.

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