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Century 5-10-10-75™  A 100-Year Continuum  of  Faith , Preparedness Industry, and Opportunity

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The Preparedness Advertising Council

The Preparedness ADvertising Council is the new "PAC" in town,  the most peacefully aggressive grassroots mobilization towards a new preparedness-strong generation.

We are an alliance of people who innovate imagery, audio, and messaging to

promote financial, strategic, faith-inclusive preparedness.

Here's our "Why"...

In a nation facing unprecedented challenges, the Preparedness Advertising Council, or PAC, is here to make a difference. 

We believe in the power of preparedness - financial, strategic, and faith-inclusive.

Let's address the stark reality.

Current trends threaten the financial stability of African American and Latino households, while others prosper. 

It's time to end racial economic bullying. It's time to reset our financial priorities.

Change the imagery, change the narrative, change the future.

"There's not a lot you can do about the national economy but there is a lot you can do about your

personal economy." -  Zig Ziglar

Every American deserves equity of access to preparedness opportunity , to revive, thrive, and live their best lives. 

We must change the imagery, change the narrative, change the outcome. 

 A cost so affordable and accessible, as to be purely symbolic!

Join by April 7th,

or until we reach our 10K limit,

and your annual membership will be

$10/year for your Lifetime!

Opt-in to start earning 17% Revenue Share for

Passive New Member Referrals!


The PAC Mission is a revenue sharing enterprise that produces & promotes Financial, Strategic, and Faith Inclusive Preparedness Messaging that engages Americans to create a preparedness-strong economy in their household, business and community - to enhance quality of life, fortify resilience,  and solidify a future of collective generational prosperity.

View our Terms and Conditions, to determine if the PAC is a good fit for you!

Community Partners. "Churn" your dollars with enterprises that prosper from YOUR preparedness empowerment. Visit our A-Z "Churn List"  Begin to create your own "Churn List"! 


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