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Preparedness = POWER.   Boost it! ...Our Prime Directive is to empower patrons to acquire a sufficient #SHTF Emergency Fund Cash Stash.

Currently 63% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. This is Unacceptable...and unsustainable!   

The PreparednessPAY$ Product is the pathway to a financial future of great expectations! You get...

● The 5-10-10-75 Mobile App - 

● The PreparednessPAY$ Opportunity Handbook

● Top 10 Ways to Shave $200 +/Per Month off Expenses and Increase Your Cash Sta$h"

●  PreparednessPAY$™  16 Month 5-10-10-75 Journal

Personal 5-10-10-75 Mentor 

● Opt-in to receive 17% Commission for passive new referrals

Take control!  Be the "BUCKET BOSS" of your dollars, with the 5-10-10-75 App, included FREE from Shopify (for Android), with the purchase of the PreparednessPAY$ Product.



$35.00 PreparednessPAY$ Program
Who Referred You?

  •  With Purchase of PreparednessPAY$ you will receive Shopify FREE Shopify code  to download & install  the 5-10-10-75™ App for Android on your phone!  
  • For the iPhone version, purchase the App from App Store, just $2.99, and we will you issue a 100% rebate!
Use the 5-10-10-75™  app to track your spending. Use it to do a Financial Preparedness Audit for 30 days or more. Free download of the Excel Spreadsheet version of 5-10-10-75 (ideal for computer users) 
    • Receive the PreparednessPAY$ Opportunity Handbook
    • Receive my  Best Selling  eBook,  "Top 10 Ways to Shave $200 +/Per  Month off Expenses and Increase Your Cash Sta$h"
    • One Year PreparednessPAY$ Journal Included!
    • Q&A Conference Calls Monthly
    • Complementary 20-minute Personal & Confidential CashFlow 5-10-10-75  Mentor Call.
    • Opt-in to 17% income opportunity for passive new Affiliate referrals.  You'll receive a unique PreparednessPAY$ Image with Affiliate Code for Referrals  (see example above)

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