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"Live, by faith, for today.

Prepare, by

faith, for tomorrow! 

Perennial of NC Mission...  

To offer preparedness products and solutions, to empower members to be

financially, strategically, and spiritually prepared in all seasons! 

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Disclaimer: Perennial of NC didn't originate any of the videos above. They represent preparedness topics by various YouTube creators. Support their channels! Their public content presented here, does not constitute their support of views expressed by Perennial of North Carolina.  


*Survive, Revive, Thrive in all seasons!

Budget with  Juggernaut 5-10-10-75, an easy-to-use budgeting tool, in Microsoft Excel, for financial resilience in a post-COVID19 America. 

CLICK HERE to view and download the file, from Google Sheets,  to your Laptop, PC, or Tablet. You will then be able to edit your 5-10-10-75 in Microsoft Excel! 

Budgeting is no longer optional in our post-COVID19 world!  Just start where you are! If you don't use Juggernaut 5-10-10-75™, use another budgeting tool or app to make financial preparedness mainstream in your household. - P. Kelly, Innovator 

*We are referring to financial survival! There is no preparedness plan that guarantees biological survival!

...Perennial of North Carolina provides our members and guests with preparedness solutions to fortify your ability to overcome strategic and financial at-risk events in all seasons...The Lifecycle Preparedness industry is growing exponentially in the aftermath of COVID-19...We believe that a preparedness-driven economy is the best path to restoration of civility, stability, thoughtful leadership, and sustainable opportunity in America... Sign up to receive Preparednesss PopUp notifications and Zoom admission codes for next Preparedness PopUps on Saturdays, 11:30 am , Tuesdays 12:30 pm, and Fridays, 6pm...

Getting to post-COVID19 resilience and preparedness in America...

  • Fellowship in Faith!  Matthew 18:20 "Where two or more gather together in my name.."
  • Retain a sense of humor. 
  • Empower our youth to believe in the future, prepare for it, trust in God, and be thankful. They are in a blessed place to be - the United States.
  • Monetize your preparedness skills. Earn income to increase your ca$h stash.  Don't expect the FED to send you $1200 next year!
  • Support a preparedness-driven economy for a more productive and equitable America. 

Preparedness Products, from Amazon...
The Beaconeer Android app sends your GPS location and an alert message to Androids & iPhones
3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator
Every family needs a set of these digital thermometers.
Shop at Amazon for many of your preparedness products.
Bestek DC/AC Inverter Charger- A must, for charging phone or laptop, if you have a car lighter
Android Phones, the best option for Preparedness Communications
Eldon Card Blood Typing Kid. Know your blood type! A, AB, O-, or O+. It matters!
More pricey but popular for quickly measuring temperature
Every woman should have a pair of jumper cables. These are very good quality.
A Mohu Antenna recieves Free HDTV Channels, a necessity if you lose cable reception
Handcrank, Solar, AC/DC powered. A Necessity!
Ideal for youngsters, may be necessary for young adults!
Portable Water Filter
Pouch Desallnator - Put it in water, and it fills up with salt-free water!
Aton Edwards, the author, is a leading authority on emergency preparedness
Coleman 30 Degree F Sleeping Bag. I have one of these bags. They are very good!
Sun Oven
UV Sanitizer for Android Phones

The Beaconeer, for Android, sends

GPS, Text, and Alert messages to

your Android & IPhone Recipients! 

Rock Steady 


An uplifting member-based environment for the contemporary Christian preparedness community in the United States and beyond! 

Coming 2021


Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the whole armor of God”...and be spiritually, financially, and strategically prepared in all seasons.

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