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   Life-Cycle Preparedness Products, Services, and Opportunity
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PerennialLIFE™ Monthly Bulletin will be available February 1st. Request FREE Complementary Copy for details on Eclipse 2024 Niagara Heritage Tour 4/5 - 4/9/2024...… In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. PerennialLIFE™ has proclaimed January – February 2023 Legacy Awareness & Preparedness Season …the DREAM continues, to build an America where all children have faith in the future and prepare for it!...The FEMA 2023 Preparedness Calendar is now available… Click Here to Download the PDF (159K) to your phone for quick access, or PC …Every month has a preparedness theme that you, your family, your business can incorporate into practice!...January is “Resolve to Be Ready” and Winter Safety Month…Visit FEMA Resolve to Be Ready … page for great tips on starting the conversation and making a resolution to be preparedness-strong all year long…We are still in the midst of winter weather… Here are 10 Car Items You Absolutely Need to Be Prepared for Winter Driving in Ice and Snow Prone Regions…...Blog post... Top 10 Blackout/Brownout/Lockdown Games for Kids and Family Hey prepper mates, check out some DIY Protein Bar recipes in our Twitter feed. Cheaper than store bought. Prepare these year round to keep in pantry, backpack, and vehicle for...preparedness!... ...Resolve to Learn CPR, as part of your 2023 Family Strategic Preparedness Plan! … Visit our Blog for latest preparedness posts...

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Welcome to PerennialLIFE

We innovate opportunity, to empower you to live preparedness-strong all year long.

*Use our CashFlow 5-10-10-75 app to save, give, spend smart, spend less, invest, and you'll prosper!

*Get the best strategic preparedness products at PerennialNC, to fortify your family financially,  strategically, holistically.

*Connect with multicultural Subscribers united by Christian faith & our Common Humanity

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Live your best PerennialLIFE

What is Life-Cycle Preparedness? 

At PerennialNC,  "Life-cycle"  preparedness is the practice of  financial, strategic & faith-based preparedness habits and skills, to increase the potential to revive and thrive amid the challenges of daily living and unpredictable at-risk events. 

We partner with you, to be empowered to live your best PerennialLIFE! 

Be rock steady & ready for anything, in all seasons!  

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Why you need $1660  or more Cash Sta$h in Today's Economy

A cash stash of $1660 can potentially  be the "tipping point" to avoid bad financial decision making & desperate behaviors during at-risk events. 

My "tipping point" Example:

*Emergency Dental or Vision Expense - $660 minimum 

*Emergency Car Repair $500 Deductible

*#SHTF(Stuff Hits the Fan) Cash Emergency $500 😒

Your "tipping point" Cash Stash may be higher, in order to prevent you from going into "panic mode." Whatever amount it may be, achieve it in 2023! 

As of November 2022, 63% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck...with no Emergency Cash Stash!

At Perennial Preparedness, we believe in creating equity of opportunity to be financially prepared and resilient in all seasons!  Subscribe to PerennialLIFE™ Monthly Bulletin for details!


January Preparedness Focus:        • Winter Safety                                                                           • Legacy Awareness & Preparedness 

 In the news...Resolve to Learn CPR, as a Family Strategic Preparedness Initiative...

When someone suffers cardiac arrest, it is essential to start CPR within the next two minutes. Damage to the brain begins after three minutes without oxygen.

The recent collapse, due to heart failure on the field, of Buffalo Bills starting safety Damar Hamlin, illuminates the need for key adult family members, friends, and on-the-job peers to resolve to learn CPR... READ MORE


Create a preparedness-driven economy in your family, business, community  in 2023 

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 Earn income for passive referrals!

It's all here at PerennialLIFE, a service of Perennial Preparedness NC 



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Perennial Preparedness NC Mission...

To build a preparedness-strong economy of limitless opportunity for patrons & subscribers.

Perennial Preparedness NC, dba PerennialLIFE

PO Box 28775, Raleigh, NC 27611

Text : 1.919.371.8201 

Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the whole armor of God...”

Be spiritually, financially, and strategically prepared in all seasons.

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