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Fortify Preparedness in all seasons! 

PerennialNC produces  Android/iPhone Apps for personal safety and communications.  

PerennialNC commits 20%+ of all App Sales revenues to Youth STEM Preparedness Programs

and Community Preparedness Investment Programs!    

CashFlow 5-10-10-75™ automatically divides your income into four “buckets”: 75% Living Expense, 10% Saving, 10% Charity, 5% Community Investment.

Save, Give, Spend Smart,Spend Less, Invest... and you'll prosper!

CashFlow 5-10-10-75 for Android                       

  CashFlow 5-10-10-75 for iPhone

    The Fotarra™ App is a photo recognition app that allows you to set up photos for 10-12 primary contacts. Tap the photo to launch CALL, TEXT, GPS, and EDIT features.

    The app is especially useful for those with memory challenges. Assistance may be needed by a family member or friend to set up initial photos in the "placeholders". 

     Google Play for Android  App Store for iPhone  

    PerennialNC offers a Mobile App Learning Resource to subscribers, to learn to create their own apps ideas!   Click on Image to find out more. 

    "40 Words for Bright Futures" Youth STEM Literacy from A to Endless!

    A command of vocabulary in one’s native language, is a 1st step towards mastery and comprehension in many STEM subjects.

    PerennialNC produces IOS & Android apps, consisting of 40 words in English and Spanish, that represent foundational glossaries for various STEM professions, in addition to the inclusion of short biographies of multicultural trailblazers in each field. Learn more at our Blog Post #13083499

    MAC40 Words , has 40 words, in English and Spanish, that represent a "primer glossary" of foundational terms & concepts in mobile app development. 

    The app also includes short biographies of multicultural trailblazers in the profession!

     App Store  Google Play   

    GAE2024  – This is a updated version of an app 1st developed in 2017 to commemorate the Great American Eclipse in August of that year.  The next Great American Eclipse will be April 8, 2024.   The app has 40 words, in English and Spanish, relating to Astronomy and Eclipses. 

    The app also includes short biographies of multicultural trailblazers in space exploration and astronomy.

      App Store   Google Play        

    Perennial Preparedness NC Mission...

    To build a preparedness-strong economy of limitless opportunity for patrons & subscribers.

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