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  • 29 Dec 2022 3:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    10 Car Items You Absolutely Need While Awaiting Rescue...

    The news of Buffalo, NY resident Anndel Taylor's untimely death, during the recent Bomb Cyclone storm Elliot, is heartbreaking. She repeatedly called everyone, near & far, for rescue. 

    As details emerge of this tragedy, and the many other untimely fatalities, a common thread of circumstances emerge:

    · A shortage of 1st responders

    · Inability to reach or find everyone in need, in blizzard conditions

    · The rapid accumulation of snow in a short period of time left many unprepared to protect themselves


    I recommend that everyone considering getting at least a few, if not all, of the following items if you live in a snow & ice prone climate, or travel during such conditions: 

    1. Small Shovel - to keep snow and ice from blocking the exhaust pipe

    2. Sleeping Bag - a Coleman 30 degree or less is best 

    3. Protein drinks (during winter ) or Protein bars (during warm weather) 

    4. Water (1 gallon jug. Replenish regularly to keep in trunk)

    5. Pepper Spray - For dangerous animals. Keep in your bag or glove compartment.  

    CAVEAT: Some states have restriction on possession of pepper sprays. Check your state laws on the Damsel in Defense site! 

    6. Window Glass Breaker - Never use a hammer. It creates sharp shards.

    7. Plastic Bags - for sanitation if you get sick and need to do what you got to do! 

    8. Paper towels & toilet paper 

    9. Jumper cables and Jump Starter - for older cars and hybrids

    10. DC/AC Inverter. This device converts your battery's DC current to AC current to potentially power your communications devices. It connects to the "lighter" input in your car, while your car is running (so the assumption is that you do have gas in your car!)

    Additional items for Emergency Communications! Note: in an widespread emergency, Smart phone calling and texting services will be limited! 

    11. GMRS Walkie Talkie (Most  1st Responders consider 675 to be the unofficial "travelers aid" or "emergency" channel for GMRS 2-Way Radios. You don't need a HAM radio license to use GMRS radios!)  

    12. Portable Radio (wind-up, solar, battery operated. Though this is 1 way communication it can help calm you while waiting for help) 

    You now have a list of 12 items! Don't try to rush out and buy all at once, if you don't have them already. Invest in an item each month. Give them as "Prepper Gift of the Month" to someone whose safety you care about, starting with YOU! 

    Feedback welcome to this article. Use our Subscriber/Contact Form

    Disclaimer: I make no claims or guarantees to the efficacy of the products above. Research before you purchase - Pam  

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