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Why you need $1660 or more Cash Sta$h in Today's Economy

24 Feb 2023 2:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

A cash stash of $1660 can potentially  be the "tipping point" to avoid bad financial decision making & desperate behaviors during at-risk events. 

My "tipping point" Example:

*Emergency Dental or Vision Expense - $660 minimum 

*Emergency Car Repair $500 Deductible

*#SHTF(Stuff Hits the Fan) Cash Emergency $500

Your "tipping point" Cash Stash may be higher, in order to prevent you from going into "panic mode." Whatever amount it may be, achieve it in 2023! 

As of November 2022, 63% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck...with no Emergency Cash Stash!

At Perennial Preparedness, we believe in creating equity of opportunity to be financially prepared and resilient in all seasons!  If you're not already a Subscriber to PerennialNC, you need to be! 

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To build a preparedness-strong economy of limitless opportunity for patrons & subscribers.

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