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Believing in the Future Begins the Night Before…

15 Sep 2023 10:18 AM | Anonymous

Believing in the Future Begins the Night Before…

Do you go to sleep at night prepared for the future? Do you wake up, believing in it?

Isn’t that what we all want for ourselves and family members?

A future that makes you jump out of bed in the mornings and reach for the skies?  

We are fortunate, as Americans, to live in a nation, in 2023, where there still exists abundance of opportunity and freedom to pursue your dreams. 

Yet, for many, life in our post-pandemic world can make it hard to believe in “better days ahead,” and have to force ourselves to get out of bed! 

How do you stay sane, resilient, hopeful of the future, in spite of the “madding crowd” of traumatizing imagery, polarizing media messaging, and destabilizing experiences?

In every preceding era, life had its “madding crowd”. There are hopeful sayings, “futurisms” as I call them, that baby boomers often heard from their elders , that provided a spiritual “balm”, to help us keep calm and carry on,  such as… 


Then, as now, there’s no substitute for faith, goals, intentional readiness,  and a good night’s rest!             

Yes! No prescription can do more to rejuvenate a “jump-at-the-sun” mindset than intentional preparedness to get sufficient sleep!

Daily preparedness and sleep are complementary and will enhance a healthy outlook on life and the future.

If you are already a futurist in your outlook, you’ve overcome the “madding crowd!” Share your unique perspective on a healthy outlook with others!

Looking up, rather than down at life, and sufficient rest, can empower our abilities to survive, revive, and thrive, no matter what the day sends our way!

  • Make 7-8 hrs. sleep the prime directive. Build your schedule around getting it, everyday.
  • Before going to bed, read and post a “futurism” quote by your bed!
  • “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Though well meaning, this saying actually causes too many of us to “burn the midnight oil” in a never ending task list. Whatever doesn’t get done by a decent hour, make the world wait until tomorrow!  

Listen to your mind and body. If you suspect that lack of sleep is not the problem, talk to someone!  Invest in your self-care!  - Pam Kelly

Disclaimer: The author does not provide medical or mental health advice, and shall not be held liable for outcomes, by the user, in the recommendations provided!

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