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We are currently making updates to the Appathon1000™ Mobile App Learning Resource...It will be LIVE on April 1, 2023...We use the Thunkable IOS/Android Cross Platform Product for mentoring in mobile app development... Users will need to go to and create a FREE Thunkable account... You will then have access to the fully functional mobile apps, created by Appathon1000 to remix the code and learn important concepts and components that are typical in most apps on App Store and Google Play...Get ready to be an IDEA PRODUCER!...Brain Bloom included FREE...

APPATHON1000™ is  an IOS/Android Mobile App Learning Resource Available to Subscriber Famililes 

A collaboration of PerennialNC and TMT Youth Community Foundation 

                                                                                                                                   The Appathon1000 Resource provides Mentorship in Mobile App Development Skills for IOS and Android devices

Objective: To introduce youth, 12 - 17 years,  to the following necessary attributes for success in mobile app development for business, education, and the STEM industries:

  • Self-Preparedness
  • Perseverance
    • Patience
      • Critical Thinking
        • Creative Thinking
          • Calculated Risk Taking

            Resource Description:  

            The Appathon1000™ Mobile App Learning Resource utilizes “block-based” coding rather than “higher level” JavaScript coding. 

            We primarily use Thunkable, the leading  cross-platform (Iphone and Android) "block-based" coding platform in America. 

            As a first exposure to app development, “block-based” coding is becoming more and more popular as an introduction to concepts that are common to all app development languages. Concepts and functionalities such as:

            • Asset (images, video, sound) naming conventions
            • Animation and Image Sprites (for gaming apps)
            • Boolean statements (True/False)
            • Conditional statements (If/Then)
            • How to use API’s (application programming interfaces, such as GPS services)
            • Local data/ cloud data  C.R.U.D. (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functions

            Appathon1000 re-requisites: Purchase and download of the following apps: 

            All apps are $1.99 one time only! 

            These  four apps contain all of the concepts and  functionalities mentioned above, that are typical of many apps; whether game apps, educational apps, or commercial apps.

            Upon completion of registration by the parent or guardian, youth participants will have access to fully functional Thunkable Apps, for remix, to create their own apps! 

            Participants will receive a Tutorial List of 12 full functional apps, created using Thunkable, in order of challenge: Beginner, Intermedia, Advanced

            Participants are expected to create a "unique" version of the Tutorial App, created using Thunkable, to be submitted to the mentor for review, in order to receive credit for completion of the Tutorial exercise.

            Zoom Orientation sessions are scheduled regularly to provide mentorship, encouragement, and assistance.

            A PerennialNC Subscriber "Youth Preparedeness Pays" Opportunity! 

            • Youth Creator Teams and Family Teams will receive $1000 Team Awards for original apps that make it through App Store and Google Play review and are deployed for sale. 

            Award Criteria 

            ·         Must be a TEAM of 2 – 4 members. Teams  may be a combination of Parent/Child subscribers of or Youth (whose parents are Subscribers of

            ·         Solves a problem to help others be more financially, strategically prepared

            ·         Innovate new app functionalities and/or improve current ones

            ·         IOS versions must be beta-tested in Test Flight.  Android versions can be tested by sending a "prototype .apk" version to family & friends

            ·         Create an app that passes APP STORE and Google Play

            ·         Uses CashFlow 5-10-10-75™ for Revenue Allocation

            Anticipated Outcomes...

            ·        Develop creativity, ingenuity, risk-taking attributes, problem solving, self-preparedness 

            ·        Ability to constructively deal with failure (not every app results in successful deployment to both App Store and Google Play! 

            ·        Develop strong collaboration skills 

            ·        Develop habits of civic engagement and social and community responbility

            ·        Develop good financial stewardship skills using CashFlow 5-10-10-75

            ·        Acquire Proficient  STEAM vocabularies

                A PerennialNC Subscriber "Youth Preparedeness Pays" Opportunity! 

                "40 Words for Bright Futures" App Series

                • “40 Words for Bright Futures”™  apps are unique in that the primary app features are fully functional, without the need for internet, after initial download. This is done in consideration of youth, in many households, who don’t often have regular access to Internet.
                •  Each App contains 40 words in English, Spanish and other language pairings, to encourage A+ English Competency and Bilingual Proficiency, with emphasis on elementary vocabularies for various occupations in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) 
                • Appathon1000 Alumni can form 4-person teams and opt-in to use the "40 Words..." Template to create an app project for deployment to App Store and Google Play.  Sales proceeds are allocated using CashFlow 5-10-10-75 to benefit the App Development Team Members , the Appathon1000 program, and TMT Youth Community Foundation

                We Welcome Sponsors for the "40 Words for Bright Futures" Project

                ~Help Bridge the Digital Gap with your support of Apps that Empower the Next Generation of

                "Idea Producers" in Preparedness-Driven STEAM Industries~

                These are just some of the Bilingual "40 Words..." Apps scheduled for production in the following STEAM Industries and Infrastructure Professions... 

                Accounting * Aeronautics *  Amateur Radio * Arborists  * Architecture * Archivists * Artificial Intelligience (A.I.)  *  Arts *  Appliance Repair * Athletics (Team Sports)  *Auto Mechanics and Parts *  Aviation * Barbering * Beekeeping/Pollination * Biology *  Bicycle Repair * Bookmaking * Botany * Carpentry * Children's Book Illustration and Authorship * Christian Ministry * Cloaking Devices * Clock Repair (Digital/Analog) * Creative Writing * Computer Aided Design * Construction (Middle Income Home Building & Remodeling) *  Computer Programming * Culinary * Defense Technologies * Dentistry (Decay Preventative) * Desalination & Water Purification * Drone/COW Technology * E-Book Publishing * Earth Sciences * Electronics * Electric Grid Infrastructure *  Engineering * Farming (Sustainable/Low Carbon Footprint) * Film Production *  Fleet Transport (primetime, emergency, rescue) * Fine Arts Fitness * Forestry * Graphic Arts Professionals * Health (Illness Preventative) * Heating and Cooling - HVAC * Heavy Equipment Operation and Repair * Historian Homeopathy * Horticulture * Hydraulic Power * Hydroponics * Insurance (Health, Property, Life, Liability) *  Internet Technologies * Library Science Litigation (Corporate, Defendant, Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Patent) * Logistics * Machining * Martial Arts * Mathematics  * Mobile App Development (Internet & Internet Independent/Off-Grid) * Moped Repair * Musicianship *   Multilingual Education (includes American Sign Language and Morse Code) * Natural Fibers/Materials Weaving & Crafting * Nursing * Occupational/Workplace Health * Off Grid / Retro Technologies * Pest Control (Natural, Eco-Safe) * Physician's Assistant * Physical Therapist *  Plumbing * Pre-K and Elementary Education * Preparedness Products and Services Industries *  Printing * Protective/Defensive Arts * Public Health Information * Quality Control *  Rail Transportation and Upgrade * Rescue and Restoration * Respiratory Therapy  * Robotics *  Savings and Investment Institutions *  Sciences * Senior Safety Preparedness Programs *  Signage * Smartphone/Android Phone Repair * Solar Technologies *  Space Travel * Teaching * Telecommunications * Telecommunications Grid Infrastructure * Terraforming Sciences(Mars era) * Trade Technologies Education * Trucking 

                ~You KNOW Something...Pass on the KNOWledge~ 

                Perennial Preparedness NC

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