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Preparedness  ADvertising Council (PAC)

Join the new "PAC" in town, a peacefully aggressive grassroots mobilization towards a new preparedness-strong generation, by every legitimate means necessary, and with all deliberate speed!  Here's why...

September 11, 2017

The Road to Zero Wealth by Inequality.org

It Will Take [African] Americans 320 Years to Catch Up to White Neighbors",

published by Bloomberg News, at the top of African American Month, 2/4/2024, at that! 

To the dire economic predictions for the African American Community, we, the people say..

The Time has come ...

The Preparedness AD Council 

Change the Imagery, Change the Narrative, Change the Outcome, together.

We will build exciting & engaging messaging, audio, imagery, and opportunity

to "flip the script" of current economic predictions by 2043 A.D.

The Preparedness AD Council 

Join the Preparedness ADvertising Council

$10/year -  PAC Individual and non-profit

$10/year - Preparedness AD Council Individual or Non-Profit Member
  • Your "churn" of $10 into a Preparedness-Driven ecosystem, will directly contribute to America's change in trajectory to a preparedness-strong economy, especially within the African American community.
  • Opt-in to be on our Media Registry List. We contract exclusively from this list for talent at all levels, and media professionals, for our Preparedness Public Service Announcements.
  • Opt-in to *Earn 17% on passive paid referrals. We pay out once you reach a $20 threshold.

  • Submit Preparedness Public Service ideas at Member's Only PAC Forum.  For Ideas/Imagery/Memes Converted into imPACtful & Trackable PSAs will earn 10% to the originator. Now that's passing the buck the right way! 
  • Opt-in to Receive "Watch Party" Pass  to Official Preparedness AD Council  (PAC) Launch, on April 8, 2024 at the Post-Eclipse In-Person/Virtual Celebration at the Buffalo Marriot Niagara Falls, NY 

$50/year - PAC Business (tax deductible)

$50/year - Preparedness AD Council Business Member
All of the benefits of an Individual Alumni, plus...
  • We list your business across all of our network partner channels and our wholly owned .TV Channels

Preparedness ADvertising Council


The PAC Mission is to promote Financial, Stategic, and Faith Inclusive Preparedness Messaging that engages Americans to create a preparedness-strong economy in their household, business and community - to enhance quality of life, fortify resilience,  and solidify a future of collective generational prosperity.

View our Terms and Conditions, to determine if the PAC is a good fit for you!

The Preparedness AD Council

Disclosures:  The Preparedness AD Council is a division of Perennial Preparedness NC, a sole proprietorship on file with the Secretary of State of North Carolina, SOS ID 1944890  All membership and donation revenue are deposited with Mechanics & Farmer's Bank, the nation's leading African American owned bank. We churn at least 50% of revenue back into preparedness-focused kinship community enterprises. 

We practice 5-10-10-75. to assure transparency, accountability, sustainability and earn public trust. 

The Preparedness AD Council 

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