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Century 5-10-10-75™  

A 100-Year Continuum  of  Preparedness Industry and Opportunity

"Honor the Ancestors. Build Forward."

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April is National Financial Literacy Month.  2024 is a crossroads year; An Election Year. A Leap Year.

A *stellar* Eclipse Year across 15 states. It is a time for contemplation and economic change.

At Perennial Preparedness NC, we envision no better time than this month, to inaugurate

Century 5-10-10-75on April 8th, at Niagara Falls, New York.

Century 5-10-10-75 is a bold new Continuum of Faith, Preparedness Industry and 

Economic Opportunity. 

Here's Our "Why"

As of August 2022, 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. It includes 40% of individuals making $100K or more!

For the African American community, it is predicted that by 2053 A.D., average median wealth will be ZERO. What does that mean? Lifelong labor & debt, no retirement, captivity.


In response we have launched a 100 year continuum of situational awareness, financial & tactical preparedness in order to reverse this trajectory.

Not everyone cares.  We do.

Futurists, of faith & preparedness do too.

Century 5-10-10-75 is the place for YOU.


We have the "toolbox" in place...

  • The Financial Framework: 5-10-10-75  
  • The Tactic:  A Preparedness Products, Services & Income Opportunity Industry
  • The Power: Christian Faith


The 5-10-10-75 "mathodology" , for business and personal finance, is what will flip the script on the economic #SHTF that endangers our nation. Reduce spending by 25%, increase saving by 10%, intentionally invest in kinship community, and begin to see collective prosperity and wealth building restored. 5-10-10-75 is the only way.

When African Americans, Native Americans, begin to prosper, free of economic bullying and racial stigma, America will prosper and experience a return of civility, common humanity, and safety.

Together we "churn", Together we earn. Together we prosper.

Community Partners. "Churn" your dollars with enterprises that prosper from YOUR preparedness empowerment. Visit our A-Z "Churn List"  Begin to create your own "Churn List"! 


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