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  • 09 Jan 2023 5:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    When someone suffers cardiac arrest, it is essential to start CPR within the next two minutes. Damage to the brain begins after three minutes without oxygen.

    The recent collapse, due to heart failure on the field, of Buffalo Bills #3 Starting Saftey Damar Hamlin, illuminates the need for key adult family members, friends, and on-the-job peers to resolve to learn CPR.

    Our prayers continue for full recovery of Mr. Hamlin. He was blessed to be surrounded by those equipped with the skills and apparatus that ultimately saved his life, while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

    Many of us can recall the loss of a family member, friend, or co-worker who collapsed due to heart failure, and unfortunately couldn’t be resuscitated after first responders arrived. When minutes count, the pro-active response of those present, who can administer initial CPR, can potentially save a life.

    There are common reasons why people don’t administer CPR when an emergency is taking place, even if they know how to do it:

    • (1) Fear: They feel if they do it wrong, they will be held responsible for an injury or fatality

    Fear of being sued is understandable. The truth is, in today’s litigious society, you can be sued for anything! However, the “Good Samaritan” law generally protects individuals in the U.S.

    “As long as the rescuer is not willfully negligent or reckless in giving aid, and gives aid in a reasonable manner, then the rescuer will not be held legally liable for the outcome.”-  Cardio Partners

    Caveat: the use of a defibrillator does require training and a level of confidence and competence when used. If you have access to one of these devices but are not sure how to use it, don’t mess with it!

    • (2) Fear of catching a disease when administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

    Yes, it is never advisable to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation unprotected! It is now routine to use resuscitator masks or other “barriers” that place a shield between the CPR provider and the victim. Everyone should purchase resuscitator masks, or other protective tools, to have on hand at home and in a vehicle.  

    • (3)  Fear of improperly administering chest compressions or insufficient upper body strength to maintain life-saving pace.

    Administering compressions is NOT EASY. You are expected to maintain compressions at 100 - 120 Beats per minute, until 1st Responders arrive.

    As part of your family first responder strategy, at least two people in every household should learn CPR.  This way, if an incident occurs, one person isn’t expected to do all of the physical activity required to maintain chest compressions!

    In order to be prepared to assist with chest compressions, maintaining upper body and arm strength should be a regular objective.

    PUSH UPS, which we should all be doing a few anyway, health permitting, is a great way to build upper body and arm strength!

    The links below offer further information on the importance of CPS and how to acquire training!

    African American Community and CPR (

    Can I really be sued if I perform CPR? What you need to know - AEDCPR

    Performing CPR (

    CPR & First Aid - Home (

    Why People May be Afraid of Performing CPR (

    How to Build Arm Strength Without Equipment: 11 Steps (

    Disclaimer: The author is not a medical professional and is not offering medical advice in this article. - Pam Kelly

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  • 04 Jan 2023 12:36 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    • Start a conversation about preparedness at your next family gathering.  Find out what “preparedness” means to individual family members.  You may find that many of their answers reflect how optimistic or empowered they feel about the future.
    • Your young family members will feel greater optimism and composure in an uncertain world when they see Mom, Dad, or other heads of household having pro-active conversations about financial, strategic, and spiritual preparedness. Communicate openly and honestly about state of the world we live in, yet re-assure them of your faith and the value of self-preparedness.  Include young family members in your safety preparedness planning activities. Visit for youth resources.
    • 2.    ACCOUNTABILITY In the recent COVID-19 global health crises, there has been a lot of blaming going on. Ultimately, everyone must become accountable for family and community preparedness going forward. Make preparedness a part of your family by-laws.  Encourage one another, immediate family and extended family, to live prepared by having sufficient cash, water & food reserves, power & communications backup devices. We live in a time where viral outbreaks, weather disasters, and cyberattacks on our digital infrastructure and power grid are more and more prevalent. Be prepared to be “on your own”, until help arrives, for 7-21 days! Include preparations for your pets! They are family members too!
    • 3.    BUDGETNG & CASH STASH.  Encourage family members to make a pledge to budget and develop a preparedness cash stash.  You may meet resistance on this. Many people don’t want to talk about the status of their finances. Don’t get discouraged. Set the example. The decision to budget is one of the best decisions you will ever make.  If you are living financially unprepared, you are at-risk! Preparedness pays!
    • What’s the minimum cash stash you should have? We recommend $1600. Why?

    At some point in life, most of us are faced with having to pay on-the-spot for some type of unexpected expense:

    $500 for spending emergencies, for instance, if ATMs don’t work and you need cash!

    $500 Car liability deductible, car breakdown, car repair

    $600+  Health, Dental, or Vision Insurance Deductible, which often has to be paid before your insurance company’s coverage will pay!

    • $1600 = Total Minimum Preparedness Cash Stash!
    • When you maintain this minimum amount, you’ll experience less stress, less reactionary decisions, and less additional debt. If you already have this on hand, yahoo! If not, just start where you are and set aside 10% of your net income and you’ll get there.
    • 4.    COMMUNICATIONS. Use your family preparedness meeting to establish a communications protocol in the event of an at-risk situation that occurs locally, regionally, or nationally. Most of us have family all over the United States! The most distressing and hopeless feeling that one can experience is not to be able to reach or relay a message to loved ones near and far. Be prepared in advance as to how you will all communicate.
    • ·         Download this guide to get the conversation started…

    Be Smart, Take Part. Create Your Family Emergency Communication Plan

          Family Emergency Communications Plan Fillable Form (PDF)

    • ·         Next, fortify your phone for safety and emergency communications with these apps…        App

    Available on Google Play and iTunes. Sign up for instant alerts to your phone.

                 Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)

               A Wireless Emergency Alert give people a free and fast way to get key details. It        gives you text-like alert messages to your mobile device during an emergency.

    Alerts to your phone  from your local government   Community/Directories/Counties

    American Red Cross Apps

    Available on Google Play and iTunes. When Internet is not available this app provides a great resource to share emergency medical information

      The Beaconeer™ for Android

    Available on Google Play. $2.99. No ads. All of your phone’s communications tools are conveniently together in 1 app. Send safety and alert text messages and GPS location to Android and iPhones.

    • Twitter. Yes! Twitter is a great tool for family safety & emergency communications. Having a Twitter account enables you broadcast privatized messages to other family members, when they opt-in to your Twitter notifications! Learn how to do this in a “Preparedness Pop-Up™” at Perennial of NC.

    • 5.    LEARN. Join a preparedness organization, such as Perennial NC, in order to learn as many preparedness skills as possible, such as solar cooking, HAM radio, off-grid power generation, and more! You’ll discover you’ve got a preparedness skill or two that can bless others. Share your skill in a “Preparedness Pop-Up”. These are short conversations/activities/and PDF downloads available online to assist others in their preparedness journey towards greater well-being, peace of mind, and resilience.
    • 6.    RELATIONSHIP WEALTH. Build upon the relationship wealth that is already in your family! Do some family preparedness projects, such as canning, solar cooking, learning to generate AC power with a bike, or attending CPR and other American Red Cross classes. together.  These activities bring family members closer together in a common cause.

    Encourage family members to volunteer. Our connectedness to people who are not related to us is essential to preserving our sense of common humanity, empathy and compassion. It’s easy to be kind to those you know, but in order to please and serve God, we must be willing to minister to those we don’t know who are in need.

    Prepare to have games and recreation for youth & family enjoyment. In event of power outages or limited access to electricity, set a family usage limit of all electronic devices and internet access. Engage in these oldie, but goodie games, that keep the mind challenged or burn calories indoors.

    Jacks  – Yes! You can still order these at Amazon. Supervise around young kids. Swallow hazard!

                Puzzles – So many! So much fun! Supervise around young kids, swallow hazard

                Table Tennis – If you have a table and a little side space, that’s all you need.

    Board Games  –  Everyone has their favorites

    • 7.    Finally, put your trust in God into practice! Live preparedness strong, as described in Ephesians 6:12-13.
    • 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. 
    • Invest in your financial and strategic preparedness. Live by faith, today. Plan and prepare, by faith, for tomorrow!

  • 03 Jan 2023 2:17 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    While Kwanzaa, an African American Heritage celebration, is officially recognized annually from December 26th - January 1st, the principals of Kwanzaa remain relevant to the preparedness, progress and empowerment of the African American community 365 days a year. 

    Our new Android/iPhone app, CashFlow 5-10-10-75 utilizes economics principles which are compatible with the following Kwanzaa principles...

    • 1.   Umoja (Unity)
    • 2.   Kujichagulia (Self-determination)
    • 3.   Ujima (Collective work and responsibility)
    • 4.   Ujamaa (Cooperative economics)
    • 5.   Nia (Purpose)
    • 6.   Kuumba (Creativity)
    • 7.   Imani (Faith)

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  • 31 Dec 2022 1:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Legacy Awareness and Preparedness rebuilds "villages", communities, and economies everywhere!

    That's why we are proclaiming January - February as 2023 Inaugural "Legacy Awareness & Preparedness Season"

    *Share the Importance and Faith, Family Unity, Legacy, Civic and Community Responsiblity with young family members.

    *Preserve and Backup Important Documents and History, both digitally and traditional methods

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    Happy New Year 2023!

    #community #unity #economy

    #perennialLIFE  #legacy #preparedness 

  • 31 Dec 2022 12:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It's Winter 2022-2023! Be prepared to keep children engaged in event of power outages or, heaven forbid, another "lockdown." Having a variety of games is a strategic asset, in order to keep children engaged and calm, during an at-risk event. 

    These are great items to purchase, use, and pass them on! Your kids will always remember it...and thank you later! - PerennialLIFE™

    1.Classic 6 game collection 


    3.Jump rope  (get 2! )

    4.Large Print Word Find Books - These are great to enjoy with seniors in the house! Ok, you can also find these cheaper at the Dollar Store! Truth! 

    5.Pocket Microscope- Requires just 1 AA Battery! Send the kids on a hunt for dust mites in the rug.

    6.500 pc Puzzles  

    7.Table Tennis 


    9.Weights – to keep in shape. Here's a video for kids with 5lb weights.

    10. (a)Basketball and/or (b) Soccerball       or (c) Toboggan (for Northerners)  Some of us made due with a piece of cardboard, but the real deal is nice!

    Disclaimer: I make no guarantees as to the recreational value of the above items. - Pam Kelly

  • 29 Dec 2022 3:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    10 Car Items You Absolutely Need While Awaiting Rescue...

    The news of Buffalo, NY resident Anndel Taylor's untimely death, during the recent Bomb Cyclone storm Elliot, is heartbreaking. She repeatedly called everyone, near & far, for rescue. 

    As details emerge of this tragedy, and the many other untimely fatalities, a common thread of circumstances emerge:

    · A shortage of 1st responders

    · Inability to reach or find everyone in need, in blizzard conditions

    · The rapid accumulation of snow in a short period of time left many unprepared to protect themselves


    I recommend that everyone considering getting at least a few, if not all, of the following items if you live in a snow & ice prone climate, or travel during such conditions: 

    1. Small Shovel - to keep snow and ice from blocking the exhaust pipe

    2. Sleeping Bag - a Coleman 30 degree or less is best 

    3. Protein drinks (during winter ) or Protein bars (during warm weather) 

    4. Water (1 gallon jug. Replenish regularly to keep in trunk)

    5. Pepper Spray - For dangerous animals. Keep in your bag or glove compartment.  

    CAVEAT: Some states have restriction on possession of pepper sprays. Check your state laws on the Damsel in Defense site! 

    6. Window Glass Breaker - Never use a hammer. It creates sharp shards.

    7. Plastic Bags - for sanitation if you get sick and need to do what you got to do! 

    8. Paper towels & toilet paper 

    9. Jumper cables and Jump Starter - for older cars and hybrids

    10. DC/AC Inverter. This device converts your battery's DC current to AC current to potentially power your communications devices. It connects to the "lighter" input in your car, while your car is running (so the assumption is that you do have gas in your car!)

    Additional items for Emergency Communications! Note: in an widespread emergency, Smart phone calling and texting services will be limited! 

    11. GMRS Walkie Talkie (Most  1st Responders consider 675 to be the unofficial "travelers aid" or "emergency" channel for GMRS 2-Way Radios. You don't need a HAM radio license to use GMRS radios!)  

    12. Portable Radio (wind-up, solar, battery operated. Though this is 1 way communication it can help calm you while waiting for help) 

    You now have a list of 12 items! Don't try to rush out and buy all at once, if you don't have them already. Invest in an item each month. Give them as "Prepper Gift of the Month" to someone whose safety you care about, starting with YOU! 

    Feedback welcome to this article. Use our Subscriber/Contact Form

    Disclaimer: I make no claims or guarantees to the efficacy of the products above. Research before you purchase - Pam  

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