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Century 5-10-10-75™  A 100-Year Continuum  of  Faith , Preparedness Industry, and Opportunity

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Fortify Preparedness for Lifetime Success! 

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Century 5-10-10-75™ - Building preparedness-strong ecosystems for a better world. 

Together we "churn", Together we earn. Futurists build. 

Acquire/Enhance your Emergency Preparedness Cash Stash here. It's a Tier 1 Financial Priority in today's Economy. 
  • Use our 5-10-10-75™ App Tools, to automatically "bucket" your income and reduce spending to achieve a sufficient cash stash. $500, $1600, $4000 or more.   5-10-10-75 empowers YOU to be the "Bucket Boss" of your dollars. Save 10%, Give 10%, Spend 75% or less, Spend Wisely, Invest 5%, and you'll likely prosper.
  • Become a 5-10-10-75 Expert and share the good news that Preparedness Pays! Get our PreparednessPAY$™ - a 5-10-10-75™ Tier 1 Financial Readiness (Pilot) Program. Opt-in to earn 17% income for paid passive referrals.

Acquire/Enhance a Strategic Preparedness Skill

  • Take advantage of access to the iPrep2Thrive™  knowledge base of preparedness skills, products and resource providers for Amateur Radio, Solar Cooking, Off-Grid Power, Preparedness Pantry 101, Off-Grid Mobile App Development, and more! 
  • Opt-in to the iPrep2Thrive™ developing emergency communications relay web to keep our members connected (especially our elders) when #SHTF (stuff hits the fan). Amateur radio and off-grid communications expertise are needed! 

Exclusive access to iPrep2Thrive™ Experiences 

  • TSE2024Together our companion event for Buffalo/Niagara area & nationwide participation in the Niagara Falls Eclipse Watch Party, April 8th, 2024.  
#HonorTheAncestors   #ShowingUpMatters   #Century5101075
See what the Future Holds for participants of the Century 5-10-10-75™ Preparedness Industry
  • Opt-in to The Preparedness AD Council - An exciting, innovative, grassroots member supported imagery industry, now in formation. Earn 17% income for paid passive referrals.

      Community Partners. "Churn" your dollars with enterprises that prosper from YOUR preparedness empowerment. Visit our A-Z "Churn List"  Begin to create your own "Churn List"! 


      Perennial Preparedness NC Mission...

      We believe in creating equal opportunity access to be financially, strategically, and spiritually prepared and resilient in all seasons!

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      Ephesians 6:11-13  "Put on the whole armour of God...and having done all...STAND"

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