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 Subscriber-Based Opportunity in a

 Preparedness-Driven Economy



Perennial Preparedness of NC provides practical, common-sense, and Christian faith-friendly preparedness resources within a safe environment to empower our subscribers to thrive in all seasons.

Your best and first "Preparedness Buddy" should be you!  At Perennial Preparedness of NC, we provide subscribers with opt-in opportunities to...

  • Build or increase your household Emergency Cash Stash
  • Acquire a safety and emergency preparedness skill 
  • Partner and collaborate with preparedness-focused entrepreneurial individuals

Today's at-risk economy leaves little room for recovery from constant financial and strategic unpreparedness. We want to see preparedness become mainstream in every household and emerging business. That's how we build back better in America! Experience the PerennialLIFE - financial, strategic, and faith-based resilience, season to season. Thrive PreparednessStrong.

You needn't be a North Carolina Resident to Subscribe! Must be 18 yrs. +

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions, End-User License Agreement (EULA), and Code of Conduct required for Subscriber access.

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August is Youth Preparedness Month at PerennialNC.com. Teach young people early to save, give, live #preparednessstrong, and invest in their enterprise best!
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Perennial of NC Mission...  

To build "brick and mortar" and virtual environments of resources, products, and solutions, to empower subscribers to be

financially, strategically, and spiritually prepared in all seasons! 

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Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the whole armor of God...”

Be spiritually, financially, and strategically prepared

 in all seasons.

Perennial Preparedness of North Carolina

PO Box 28775

Raleigh, NC 27611 


919.371.8207 (leave text message) 



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